Double Glazed Sealed Units

We can have quality sealed double glazed units manufactured to size for you to all the current specifications on the market. Whether you want to change the obscuring pattern, add a leaded design, or have a cat flap unit made for you new cat, we can do it all.

Replacement sealed units
Over time the seal around a unit can break down, then condensation can get trapped between the panes giving a misted up unit. If your windows/doors are pre 2002 they would likely be standard float glass or toughened float glass, with an aluminium spacer. Aluminium spacer bar comes in 8 different widths so with the glass you end up with the following thicknesses; 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, and 28mm. Further different thicknesses can be made using thicker glass, but this is rare. 

So if you are measuring for a replacement unit make sure you get the thickness required before ordering. This usually has to be done by removing the old unit first, unless you have a measuring tools such as the Flexi-Meter (available on our Glass Tools page), which can go around the frame to get the overall measurement.

The standard aluminium spacer is silver colour, and most of the older windows/doors use this. However there are other finishes available in certain widths for an extra cost including bronze, white and gold.

If you have Upvc or wooden windows/doors that were installed between 2002 and October 2010 then it is likely you would have a low-e glass on the inside pane to meet the thermal efficiency regulations of the time. The most popular one used during this period was Pilkington K glass, which is a hard-coat low-e glass. It is sometimes possible to see this by a very slight tint to the inside pane when standing at an angle, but generally looks just like clear float. If you have aluminium windows/doors that were installed between 2002 and October 2010 then it is likely you would have a soft-coat low-e glass with an Argon gas in between (instead of air). Argon gas is a colourless, odorless, inert and safe gas which is present in the Earth's atmosphere that when filled inside a unit helps stop heat escaping through the glass. As aluminum windows are generally not as thermally efficient as Upvc or wood.

The window/door regulations were tightened again from October 2010 onwards to improve the thermal efficiency. This meant that windows and doors needed to be tested as a whole unit with the glass and frame together, so different manufacturers are using different setups depending on the type/profile being used. Many companies are using the default method of compliance which means using nearly the same type of unit found in A-Rated windows. As standard we use one of the best soft-coat low-e glass in our windows/doors - Planitherm Total +, with a Warm-Edge Spacer (which also reduces heat loss and condensation), and Argon Gas, in a unit that is 28mm thick overall.

So it is important to ensure you get the right specification when ordering, but if unsure we are here to help.

This picture left show a 28mm thick unit with Autumn obscure glass and a silver aluminum spacer.

Triple Glazed Sealed Units

For more choice we also do triple glazed units, which can be made using Annealed or Toughened Glass. Although more expensive than double glazed units these offer better U-values and acoustic reductions, plus can be made using Low-E coating on the glass. Argon or Krypton gas is also usually added for extra insulation too.

Note: If you need the whole window replaced in one of our high quality and high security Upvc systems see
Windows & Doors, and feel free to contact us for a price.


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