Glass Processing 

Flat glass can be processed in many ways so that it can be used in a variety of applications other than being as cut for glazing. This page shall explain some of the processing we offer. 

Edge Work
First you can have the edge Arrissed/Smoothed (taking the sharp edge off). This is the cheapest type of edge-work available, and basically done for safety if the edges are exposed or the pane isn't in a frame. Next there is polishing, where the edge is completely smoothed off and then polished up. This is good if you have the edge in full view (like shelves or table tops) as it looks smarter than arrising. We do two types of polishing, including a round edge polish and a flat edge polish.
Then there is Bevelling where the edge of the glass has a 10mm - 36mm chamfer. This if primarily for decoration. The minimum size we can bevel is 125mm x 125mm, and maximum size is 2900 x 1600 depending on the glass thickness.


Picture left shows a 6mm thick bronze shelf with polished edges




Holes/Cut Outs
Many different size holes can be drilled or cut out in glass products. Also notches/cut outs can be done. But is is important that any required holes or notches aren't too close to the edge, otherwise the glass will be much weaker with breakage chances higher.

Glass that is 4mm or thicker, and is not laminated or silvered, can be toughened. This is a process where the glass has gone through a heat process which makes it more safe. If it breaks it goes into lots of very small pieces, instead of big and more dangerous pieces. The process also make it stronger. Once the glass has been toughened it cannot be cut, drilled, or polished. This has to be done before the toughening takes place. It is used when glass is in a critical place, like doors, sidelights or low level. Also certain table-tops and exposed shelves should be toughened.

Heatsoak Testing Toughened
If the glass location is in an area where breakages is highly undesirable then toughened glass can be heatsoak tested. This is a process where the toughened glass is heated again at very high temperatures for certain amount of time, to reduce the risk of brekages in the future. We can heat soak test all toughened glass we do.

Sandblasting/Ritec Coating
Most glass can be sandblasted to obscure it in an even way. Basic designs can also be done, such as borders or squares. Whenever we sandblast any surface a ritec coating has to be applied. This is a clear coating that protects the sandblasted surface, otherwise it can get dirty very easily.

Clearshield Coating
This type of coating converts the surface of normal glass into a non-stick/easy clean surface that is chemically inert to most substances. This is primarily used on glass that is being fitted into showers, as it helps keep the glass cleaner for longer.

Painted/Coated Glass
Most of the glass we offer can also be painted/coated, and we offer a variety of colours. They can be cut to size, polished, drilled, shaped and toughened before the colour is applied by a coated baked on method. This allows it to be able to be used in a large variety of applications including tabletops, splash backs, shelves etc. Ideal for a special look in any kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. They are easy to fix, just like a mirror with adhesive.

paintbackLeft are some samples of the colours that are available, but it is possible to have them painted to the 210 standard RAL colour range. We do have a sample board in our shop available for viewing, and a colour swatch.

Please note that after cutting and processing the glass it has to be sent of for the colour coating, which can take 2-3 weeks.



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