There are many different types of flat glass available from us, all with different uses and of course prices. A list is detailed below of the usual types and thickness that we do. However as we supply over 100 different types of glass some are available same day whilst others may take a few days. If there is anything else you are looking for please contact us as we still maybe able to source it. 

* Clear Float Glass: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm & 19mm

* Low-Reflective Glass: 2mm (known as non-reflective or anti-glare for use in flat photo/picture frames)

* Low-E Glass: 4mm, 6mm (soft-coated and hard-coated for thermal insulation in sealed units)

* Horticultural Glass (sheet glass for greenhouses so has imperfections): 3mm

* Pilkingtons Standard Obscure Stippolyte, Flemish, Cotswold, Autumn, Sycamore & Everglade Glass: 4mm & 6mm (as below left to right). Note: Please contact us if you would like an obscure pattered brochure emailed to you.

* Pilkingtons Obscure Contora, Minster, Artic, Oak, Charcoal Sticks, Digital, Florielle, Taffeta, Pelerine, Chantilly, Mayflower, Warwick and New Reeded Glass: 4mm. Note: Please contact us if you would like an obscure pattered brochure emailed to you.

* Satin Obscure Glass: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm & 10mm (etched all over for a sandblasted look)

* Bronze, Grey, Green & Blue Tinted Glass: 4mm, 6mm & 10mm (see below, note: may vary depending on your monitor)

* Active Glass: 4mm & 6mm (Pilkington self cleaning)

* Pilkingtons Oriel & Textured Oriel Glass Canterbury, Laurel, Cirque, Linear, Burdock, Saturn, Canterbury Opal & Bay Opal: 4mm

* Optiwhite (low iron): 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm & 19mm

(All above glass that is 4mm or thicker can be toughened)

* Clear Laminated Glass: 4.4mm, 6.4mm, 7.5mm, 8.8mm, 10.8mm, 11.5mm, 12.8mm

* White Diffused Laminated: 6.4mm & 10.8mm

* Pyroshield Safety Clear 2 (wired): 6mm (30 minute integrity)

* Pyroshield Textured 2 (wired): 7mm (30 minute integrity)

* Clear Pyrobellite: 7mm (non wired 30 minute integrity)

* Clear Pyroguard: 7.2mm (non wired 30 minute integrity)

* Clear Pyroguard 11.4mm (non wired 60 minute integrity)

We can also get Pilkingtons Pyrodur non wired fire glass range and the new 6mm toughened fire rated glass.

* Silvered (mirror): 3mm, 4mm & 6mm (see our Mirror Products page for more)

* Tinted Bronze or Grey Silvered (mirror): Some 4mm & 6mm

* Antique Mirror (random aged effect): 4mm & 6mm

Plus we also hold limited stock of 4mm second hand (usually used for greenhouses or sheds), and limited stock of reclaimed glass.

Sandblasting & Painted Backed Glass: Most of the above types of glass can be sandblasted or painted/baked with a colour from the 210 RAL standard colour range or the standard BS range

Apart from just being cut for glazing into a frame most of the above glass can be;

  • Made into sealed units - see Sealed Units page
  • Processed for use as shelves, table-tops, shower screens etc - see Glass Processing page
  • Made into a decorative design with lead and colour/obscure effects - see Glass Leading page
  • UV Bonded into a piece of furniture - see Glass Bonding page
  • Or would you like to see some more glass ideas? - see Glass Ideas page

Choosing the right type of glass

It is important to make sure any glass you buy is suitable for the job you want to use it for. There are regulations and British standards to follow and help you make the right choice. For example usually glass to be used in doors have to be safety glass to BS 6206 (BS EN 12150), however sometimes it doesn't (if for example they are small panes under 250mm wide you can use 6mm float. We cover more under the building regulations page. However if you are unsure please feel free to ask so you can choose the right glass. Although please note that it is the contractor or person that's fitting or glazing to ensure the product is suitable for the application. Ace Glass & Mirrors and it's employees cannot accept any responsibility for injury, loss or damage caused by use of any of its products.


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